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Cattle Duffers of the Outback: One Couple's Struggle in the Devil's Triangle - Frances M Boyle


  • J.B. Books Marleston South Australia 2003
  • ISBN: 1 8766224 5 8
  • First Edition
  • Paperback

In the world of cattle duffing, the branding iron gives way to the gun. These days, when the men are out mustering until well after dark and I am home alone cooking dinner, I have every light on inside and outside the house. As I walk from room to room, I carry my rifle with me. So much has happened over the past six years that now all I feel is a strange coldness deep inside me. I know that if someone was to come into my house yard and up the steps, and if I do not know them, I will shoot to kill... This is an engrossing tale of mayhem, villainy and pillage. What is most shocking about this book is that it is not fiction. It is the story of one family¿s struggle for survival on a cattle station in far north Queensland. The chronicle - a relentless unfolding of events over six years - tells of cattle duffing, organised harassment, victimisation, arson, corruption in local and state politics, and bent police. (From Back Cover)

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